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SYPTE customer charter - our promise and commitment to you


We are South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive – SYPTE


We work in partnership with the local councils and transport service operators - who run local bus, tram and train services - to make travelling in South Yorkshire by public transport an attractive choice and as easy as possible to use.

Putting the customer at the heart of what we do

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We actively listen and take positive action from what you say so we can change our services to better meet your needs. We are always looking for ways to improve our services to you, so when you feel that things could be better we will work with our partners to put things right whenever we can.

Why have a Customer Charter?

Our Customer Charter lets you know what we do, why we do it, and how you can make a difference. We want to be an organisation that it is easy to deal with and we want to know and understand your opinions about the services we, and our partners, offer to allow us to better meet your needs. The Customer Charter lets you know how important your feedback is and what you can expect from us when you give us any comments.

What do we do?

We provide you with a wide range of information, products and services to support your transport or travelling needs. This includes:

• Travel information
• Transport interchanges
• Bus stops and shelters
• Traveline
• YourStop
• YourNextBus – real time information service
• - our customer focused website where you can plan your journey, access ticketing and fares information and use the interactive map
• Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
• E-newsletters
• Products and services, such as selling TravelMaster tickets and issuing concessionary passes
• Planning for future services
• Encouraging access to public transport services by foot, cycle or car

Our partners

We are a member of the Travel South Yorkshire Partnership. Our partners are the companies that run the local bus, tram and train services and the local councils who provide and sign walking and cycling routes. Together we are passionate and committed to providing excellent customer service.

To find out more about the Travel South Yorkshire Partnership and the products and services we provide to you in South Yorkshire, visit

Our promise and commitment to you, as a valued customer

We will:

• Offer a wide range of ways for you to contact us
• Be welcoming, friendly, helpful and polite whenever you contact us
• Listen to what you say
• Fully investigate and answer all your queries and concerns
• Avoid jargon and give you clear, correct and up-to date information
• Treat you fairly and consistently, without bias
• Aim to solve your issues and where this is not possible, explain the reasons why
• Repair, as soon as possible, any damage that you tell us about
• Work with our partners on the important issues that matter to you
• Make sure your feedback is reported to the SYPTE Senior Management Board
• Learn from your feedback
• Tell you what we’ve done as a result of your feedback through the ‘You Said We Did’ campaign
• Regularly review this Charter to make sure it meets your needs.

Your invitation to ‘Tell us what you think’

We’d really like to hear your thoughts and suggestions about travel using public transport in South Yorkshire. By giving us your feedback we will know what is working well for you, and what is not, so that we can keep reviewing and improving our services.

Whether your feedback about our staff, services or your experience is positive, or you want to highlight areas for improvement, you can tell us what you think by contacting us in any of the following ways:

• Visit and complete an online form by clicking onto ‘contact us’ on the menu banner
• Call Traveline on 01709 51 51 51 and ask that feedback is recorded

Pick up a form by visiting a Travel South Yorkshire Interchange, or use an interactive kiosk

We aim to respond to your feedback as quickly as possible, and will get back to your:

• telephone calls within two working days of receipt
• letter/comments forms will be sent within ten working days of receipt
• comments made on social networking sites and blogs as soon as we can, where appropriate.

If a longer time period is needed to investigate and respond we will contact you and tell you when you can expect an answer.

If your feedback is about one of our partners we will send it to them and they will reply to you directly. We will let you know who it has been passed to, why, and what response you can expect.

Our response to customer feedback

We are committed to making changes and improvements to our products and services as a result of customer feedback. To let you know about the actions we have taken, we will display information about feedback in our Interchanges, on our website and through other communication channels.

Consultation groups

Because it is important that we know what you think about our services and the type of information or products you need, we hold regular user group meetings and carry out public consultations to discuss your thoughts on public transport. If you are interested in taking part in this please let us know.

Removing barriers

If you have communication difficulties and would like to contact us, you can phone us on 18001 01709 51 51 51 using Typetalk. Typetalk provides a service for people who cannot speak or hear on the phone.

If you have difficulties with your sight, we will send you information in a format you are able to use upon request. If we need to write to you we can do so in large print or Braille, or we can record the letter in an audio format. Free screen reader tools are available on the RNIB website for use with the Travel South Yorkshire website.

If English is not your first language then when you phone or speak to us we will arrange for a translator over the telephone via Language Line. If you write to us in the language you speak, we will try to answer in the same language. You can translate the Travel South Yorkshire website into a different language via Google Translate. Type in and select your language from the drop down list.

When you contact us, just let us know which format you would prefer. Further accessibility information can be found at 

Appeals process

If you contact us and are not satisfied with our response, you can contact the Head of Customer Services, using the details below, who will review your concern: 

Director of Customer Services
11 Broad Street West
S1 2BQ


When we receive your letter or email we will reply within five working days. If we can’t give you a full reply, we will write to you explaining why and when you can expect this.

Our partners and the bus, train and tram operators have their own, individual appeal arrangements. If your complaint is about one of them we will let you know how to appeal through their processes.

If you are still not satisfied after this you can write to the Combined Authority, the governing body which oversees public transport in South Yorkshire.

You can write to:

The Deputy Clerk
The Joint Authorities Governance Unit
Town Hall 
S70 2TA

They will respond to you within 20 working days. If they can’t give you a full reply, they will write to you explaining why and when you can expect this. 


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