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Corporate documents


Information regarding the internal administration and corporate governance of SYPTE. The codes and policies included within this section provide guidance to employees in all aspects of their employment.

A document marked with an asterisk may contain information which is potentially exempt information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 - we therefore do not publish this automatically. If you do make a request for this document or publication you will be advised why any information contained within that document is exempt. If the public interest test applies to an exemption, you will be advised of the outcome of the test.

The documents below are available in paper or electronic formats (except where indicated) upon request.


Avaliable in

Annual Audit Letter 2006paper or electronic

Annual Governance Report and Annual Accounts 2005-06

paper or electronic
Anti-fraud and Corruption Guidepaper or electronic
Car User Policypaper or electronic
Code of Conductpaper or electronic
Confidential Reporting Policypaper or electronic
Contract Award Notices*email request
Corporate Governance Action Plan* - in line with SIPFA/SOLACE guidance SYPTE has reviewed its corporate governance arrangements to ensure that it directs and controls its functions in a proper manner and relates to its communities request
Corporate Meetings Reports and Minutes*email request
Data Protection Act - Subject Access Procedurepaper or electronic
Data Protection Policypaper or electronic
Disciplinary Procedurepaper or electronic
Diversity Policypaper or electronic
Dress Codepaper or electronic
Environmental Policypaper or electronic
Flexible Working Procedurepaper or electronic
Freedom of Information Factsheetpaper or electronic
Grievance Procedurepaper or electronic
Health and Safety Policypaper or electronic
Internal Communications Protocolpaper or electronic
IT Policy 2005paper or electronic
Job Description*email request
Land Disposal Protocol - sets out the process followed by SYPTE when disposing of land.paper or electronic
Learning Resourcespaper or electronic
Leave Guidancepaper or electronic
Maternity Leave Procedurepaper or electronic
Mobile Phone Use in Carspaper or electronic
Paternity Leavepaper or electronic
Procurement Guide. Appendix A; Appendix B; Appendix C; Appendix D; Appendix E; Appendix E Minimum Timescales; Appendix F; Appendix G; Appendix H; Appendix I; CSO Form 1; CSO Form 2; CSO Form 3; CSO Form 4.paper or electronic
Recruitment And Selection Manualpaper or electronic
Relocation Allowances*email request
Repeated and Vexatious Requests Policypaper or electronic
Risk Management Strategy - defines the objectives of the strategy, how we define, manage and monitor risks and what individuals' roles and responsibilities are in the relation to risk.paper or electronic
Sickness Payment Policypaper or electronic
Smoking Policypaper or electronic
Staffing Structure*email request
Standing Orders and Financial Regulations - regulations for the management and organisation of SYPTE.paper or electronic
Telephone Allowances*email request
Training and Development Policypaper or electronic
Valued Processpaper or electronic