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Making a request


This page contains details on making an application for other information, and the charges we make for supplying information.


As well as being able to access information which is routinely available under the Publication Scheme, we will answer queries relating to other information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and under the existing Code of Practice on Access to Government Information. This allows you to write and ask us to supply you with specific information. All requests for information or queries should be addressed to:

Information Officer
11 Broad Street West
S1 2BQ
telephone: 0114 2211452
e-mail at


You can ask the Executive for information which is not already published elsewhere nor exempt under the FOIA. Under the FOIA you will have the right to ask for information to be provided in a particular way and we will try to meet your request. You will be able to ask for assistance if you have any difficulty in formulating or making an application by contacting the Executive’s Information Officer. We will help you as much as possible but we are not required to look for the information you request unless we have:

• a clear and understandable request with enough detail to locate the information;
• a name and address so we can respond to your request.

This will ensure that your application is dealt with as quickly as possible. You should give as much detail as you can in order to assist us in locating the information that you require. You may also advise us by what means you would prefer the information to be communicated, i.e. paper or electronic format.


Some documents may include exempt information so you will only get the information which is not exempt. You only have a right to information and not necessarily to documents. Some documents may include exempt information so you will only get the information from them which is not exempt.


In exceptional circumstances some information may only be available to view in person at the Executive’s premises. Where this manner is specified, contact details will be provided and an appointment to view the information will be arranged within a reasonable timescale. Where it is not reasonably possible for an individual to view the information in person, every effort will be made to find an alternative means of communicating the information.

Any fee charged will be calculated by looking at the costs directly and reasonably incurred locating the information you have asked for and giving it to you. You will then be sent a 'fees notice' which you will have to pay within three months of your request - you will not receive information until you have paid the costs in the fees notice.

If the estimated cost of providing the information would be above the appropriate limit set by the Government then we will not be under a duty to provide the information. However, SYPTE will inform you if the limit will be exceeded and we will try to let you know what can be provided within the limit. Despite not being obliged to provide information which exceeds the limit SYPTE will still be under a duty to advise and assist.

You can also apply for a copy of the personal data we hold about you under the Data Protection Act 1998 - that is information relating to an applicant that has arisen through their employment with SYPTE or information obtained about an individual through the Authority's statutory functions. There is a fee of £10 and you should contact:

Freedom of Information
11 Broad Street West
S1 2BQ

Alternatively, you can contact us through this website.