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Exclusive driver safety event for South Yorkshire businesses


28 May 2014


Sheffield City Council’s Road Safety Section, working with Inmotion!, is offering South Yorkshire businesses and organisations FREE driver education and company support aimed at improving driver safety, reducing collision rates, and helping to save money whilst helping the local environment.

A free event will be held on Tuesday 17 June 2014 at the Holiday Inn (A1M) Doncaster, from 8:30am to 10:00am. Places can be booked by contacting Eco-Business Driving on 0114 360 0484 or email This event is an opportunity for businesses and organisations to find out how their business can benefit from the scheme.

The Eco-Business Driving programme offers participating businesses a specialist advisor who will develop a tailored Eco-Safe plan. This plan helps businesses to develop policies and practices which will minimise costs and maximise safety whilst driving for work. Businesses will be able to gather, monitor and interpret fleet data more effectively and ensure they are complying to Health and Safety Legislations.

So far, over 1,000 drivers from South Yorkshire businesses and organisations have signed up to the scheme. Stuart Bingley – N.E.A.T Transport and Stores, Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team, South Yorkshire Housing Association Limited, said: “All 23 drivers that took part gave excellent feedback, saying that they really enjoyed the training and felt it was very informative and well presented. Our initial figures are showing an increase of approximately 5% on miles per gallon achieved by our vehicles. That’s almost a £2,500 saving on our yearly fuel spend and almost 2,000 litres less fuel.”

Stuart added: “We anticipate further savings on maintenance costs, especially tyres, on the 16 vans that we currently use. As an incentive to our drivers we are appointing a monthly fuel champion for the driver showing the biggest increase in MPG, with a prize of high street shopping vouchers. We thoroughly recommend the Eco-Business Driving training course. It is a win, win situation. Save on fuel – save of maintenance costs. Increase speed awareness, road safety, and above all it’s free.”

For more information about the Eco-Business Driving programme, offered through Inmotion!, visit