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Stagecoach Supertram plans timetable change to improve reliability


23 October 2017


• Timetable revision planned from Sunday 28 January 2018
• New timetable reflects increased road traffic on Supertram network

Stagecoach Supertram has today (Monday 23 October) announced plans which aim to improve reliability across the Sheffield tram network.

The company is to introduce a revised timetable which reflects the significant changes in the volume of road traffic over the past 15 years.

The new timetable will be in place from Sunday 28 January 2018, following a review of the current schedule that has been in place for more than 15 years.

Working with South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, (SYPTE), a number of minimal changes have been proposed that will improve reliability for passengers using the network.
In the 22 years that Supertram has been operating, traffic on Sheffield’s roads has increased considerably. As a result the current timetable is no longer fit for purpose and it has become increasingly challenging for the company to meet the high standard of punctuality that it aims to deliver for customers. Due to the tight schedule that services currently operate to, it can be difficult for trams to recover from delays as there is little flexibility in the timetable, to allow them to get back on track.

The new timetable has been designed to allow slightly longer, but more realistic journey times during off-peak periods, and takes into account the greater number of vehicles on the roads. It also allows slightly more time for trams at terminus points, so that, where delays may occur, trams can return to their timetabled slot more quickly.

Managing Director for Stagecoach Supertram, Tim Bilby said: "The reality is that the way people travel has changed considerably over the last 15 years. These changes take into account the increase in road traffic affecting the Supertram network and will enable us to provide a more reliable service and more accurate timetable for our passengers.

He continued: "By changing the frequency of only off peak, daytime trams on Yellow and Blue routes, we will be able to ensure that our services are better able to maintain their timetable, thereby improving reliability and helping attract even more people on to our services. ."

Between the hours of 9.30am and 4pm, services will run every 12 minutes instead of every 10 minutes on the Yellow and Blue routes. The timetable will return to every 10 minutes in the evening peak.

From January early morning services with a 10 minute frequency will also start earlier than usual and timetables will be simplified with a more consistent ‘minutes past the hour’ reference to make the timetable easier to understand.

The change in frequency will also facilitate the introduction of the tram-train services from Sheffield to Rotherham from autumn 2018, meaning no further major timetable changes are planned.

Ben Gilligan, Director of Public Transport at South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) said: “Over 12 million journeys are made on Supertram every year, and it’s important that customers making those journeys can do so in confidence that their tram will arrive on time and run the full route.

“The changes being made by Stagecoach Supertram, together with the connected changes to Supertram Link services SL1 and SL1a, should provide the more reliable, robust service customers expect.”

To coincide with the changes to the Supertram in Sheffield, Stagecoach Yorkshire will be giving the residents of Stocksbridge the opportunity to help decide how the SL1/SL1a Supertram Link service can continue to best serve Stocksbridge and connect with the Supertram at Middlewood Park and Ride. The consultation will be open from Monday 23 October until Friday 17 November and customers can give their feedback at a drop-in session, by picking up a leaflet on buses or online at

To help passengers understand the changes, Supertram and SYPTE are hosting a series of drop in events across the city in November.





Friday 3rd

Stocksbridge Library (10am-12pm)

Monday 6th

Hillsborough Interchange (8am-11am)


Tuesday 7th

Meadowhall Interchange (9am-12pm)

Sheffield Station (3pm-6pm)

Wednesday 8th

Arundel Gate Interchange (9am-12pm)

Manor Library (2pm-4pm)

Friday 10th

Gleadless Library(10am–12pm)

Crystal Peaks (2pm-4pm)