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What will you be part of?

What will you be part of?


South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive – SYPTE

We carry out the work of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority (SCRCA) with the direction of its Transport Committee.


With funding from the four South Yorkshire local authorities, SYPTE has responsibility for securing and promoting the best possible public transport network for the people of South Yorkshire.


Our main activities are:


  •  Providing concessionary fares 
  •  Promoting county-wide, multimodal tickets  
  •  Subsidising uncommercial bus services which would not otherwise run 
  •  Managing and expanding the local rail and tram network  
  •  Building interchanges, bus shelters and local stations  
  •  Improving passenger information channels  
  •  Helping people with limited mobility to use public transport  
  •  Developing and supporting innovation in transport systems 


We also provide timetables, journey planners and personalised travel advice to individuals and organisations as well as being responsible for providing the public transport environment – bus stops and shelters, interchanges, rail stations and Park & Ride sites. In short, we have the task of maximising the tremendous potential of public transport, thereby helping the environment and improving the social and business life of the County.


But… we don’t directly operate any of the trains which serve the region nor do we operate any of the buses or trams. However, we do pay for socially necessary services to operate which are not profitable. We work closely with transport service operators, local authorities and other key stakeholders to develop the network and services across the county.


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Sheffield City Region Combined Authority (SCRCA) and its Transport Committee

The SCRCA Transport Committee is made up of councillors drawn from elected members of local authorities in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield as well as across the wider Sheffield City Region. The Transport Committee is responsible for setting the overall policy and priorities for SYPTE.


SCRCA has various legal responsibilities. Its most important one is to co-ordinate and promote the use of public transport in South Yorkshire. In order to achieve this the SCRCA has some key goals, including:


  •  To improve modal choice by facilitating a realistic alternative to the car that will encourage a shift in people’s mode of travel 
  •  To reduce social exclusion by facilitating the provision of quality transport for those without the use of a car to enable them access to jobs, education, shops, healthcare and other facilities  
  •  To support sustainable business development by developing sustainable access to businesses for employees and customers.  

 In addition to the promotion of the use of public transport in South Yorkshire, SCRCA has a number of other roles and responsibilities. These include: 


  •  Community Engagement – to consult the public about the provision of transport in the area  
  •  Planning and Performance Management – setting clear priorities and targets in relation to the key goals of SCRCA and then monitoring performance against these  
  •  Resource Use and Allocation – have regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness, when carrying out their functions. There must be no discrimination against operators  
  •  Integrity and Ethical Standards – reviews its own and SYPTE’s practices and procedures to ensure that they comply with relevant legislation  


You can learn more by visiting 


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The Travel South Yorkshire Partnership

We’re making it easier to get around South Yorkshire. Many different organisations are involved in running public transport, and by connecting them together it makes public transport easier to understand and use.



Besides SYPTE the Travel South Yorkshire Partnership consists of a number of members all involved in the delivery of public transport within South Yorkshire, including:


Public Transport Operators

Operators such as First South Yorkshire, Stagecoach, Supertram and Northern Rail along with many others provide the bus, tram and train services that go to create the Travel South Yorkshire public transport network.


Local Councils

Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield Local Authorities provide investment in bus lanes and other bus priority measures, new rail and bus stations, Park & Ride sites and other sustainable travel measures that support and improve the operation of the Travel South Yorkshire public transport network. The Travel South Yorkshire partners are working together to invest in and improve facilities and services, and to provide better passenger information.


The goal of the Travel South Yorkshire partnership is to:

Bring public transport together

Encourage more people to use it

Make it easier to understand

Deliver new, innovative public transport products and services


But what are the benefits?


The Travel South Yorkshire partnership has already made massive improvements to public transport in South Yorkshire:


New low-emission buses

Priority bus lanes speeding up journey times

New modern interchanges, stations and information centres

Easy access to public transport for people with disabilities and older people

New and improved travel information

Satellite tracking of all buses in South Yorkshire, providing up to the minute bus information sent straight to your bus stop display, PC or mobile phone from the YourNextBus service

Timetable updates by email

A variety of ticket options introduced for all modes of public transport

Self-serve smart ticketing kiosks


.....and many more improvements to come!


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