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The South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) website has been designed with accessibility in mind.


Google Translate

To translate the SYPTE website into a different language visit Google Translate and type in, it will then translate the website into the language you select from the drop down list of available languages.


Browser support

The site has been tested across the major web browsers. Browsers and the versions we support are determined by web statistics, which tell us how the majority of users are accessing our sites via desktop, mobile and tablet.

Currently our sites are tested in:


If you experience problems

The content should also work with other browser and platform combinations. However, if you experience a problem, we would be grateful if you would contact us with the page’s web address and a brief description of the issue.

All downloadable documents have been saved in a generic cross-platform format (RTF or PDF).

You will need to install Adobe Reader ( to view all PDF documents.


Transport accessibility

If you're looking for information about accessible transport please visit