Market research, customer data and feedback

SYPTE regularly consults with people across South Yorkshire, listens to their feedback and carries out market research about the public transport network, its products, services, customers and information channels.

We gather feedback in a number of ways:

In-house Data Collection team - we go out and talk to customers on board transport, at stations and at our Interchanges to understand how people in South Yorkshire are using and engaging with public transport, its facilities and services. This gives us vital information about our customer’s travel needs and habits. 

Annual customer satisfaction surveys - Our Passenger Satisfaction Travel Survey helps us to measure customer satisfaction about public transport in South Yorkshire, including bus, tram and train performance. We then work with operators to use these findings to make positive changes to products, services and information. We also measure customer satisfaction at our interchanges via buzz boxes, encouraging customers to leave their feedback about our facilities. We also run an online rolling customer satisfaction survey.

Social media and website – We ask people in South Yorkshire to provide their feedback via Travel South Yorkshire’s social media channels and online surveys and consultations.

Consultations, focus groups and customer panels – We invite people, businesses and communities to get involved in consultations [link to Our Consultations page] and share their feedback on new projects, developments or major timetable changes, ensuring people’s views are heard and taken into consideration. The SYPTE senior management team also regularly attend user panels, where members of the public provide their views on a variety of subjects.

Customer contact – our dedicated Customer Contact and Customer Service teams gather customer views and feedback via phone calls, emails and post.