Traveline Contact Centre Performance

Traveline Contact Centre Performance – January to March 2022

Call Volumes

The Traveline team were offered a total of 50,384 calls over this three-month period. 

Of these, the team answered 41,987 calls, helping our customers with journey planning, live departure information, travel pass queries and lots of other support and advice related to public transport.

Percentage of Calls Answered

The percentage answered from January to March 2022 was 83.33%. This level of performance was above the annual target of 82% answer rate,

despite the team feeling the impacts of frequent short-notice cancellations due to the shortage of bus drivers across the region.

As this was the final quarter in the business year, we can also report on the annual performance. The team achieved an answer rate of 82.94% of calls across 2021/22 – above the 82% target.

Average Waiting Time

On average, our customers were waiting for 120 seconds between dialling and speaking to an advisor. We aim to answer calls within two minutes on average, so performance was bang on target.

Number of Travel Pass Applications processed

Over this three-month period, the Traveline team processed a total of 12,719 travel pass applications of which 10,114 were online and 2,605 were paper applications.

Average Application Processing time

The Traveline team keep track of how long an application has been pending, from the moment it arrives in the office to the point it is accepted or, in some cases, rejected. 

Over this three-month period, online applications took an average of 2.1 working days to be processed (compared with a target of within three days) and paper applications took 5.5 working days (compared with a target of within ten days).