How We work with Sheffield City Region

As the local government body responsible for public transport in the Sheffield City Region, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) has an essential role to play in the ambitious plans to transform South Yorkshire’s economy.

In 2018, Sheffield City Region (SCR) announced Mayor Dan Jarvis' Vision for Transport:

“We will build a transport system that works for everyone, connecting people to the places they want to go within the Sheffield City Region, as well as nationally and internationally. Our transport system will be safe, reliable, clean, green and affordable.  It will be one of the best in the United Kingdom and Europe.”   

SYPTE is the key delivery partner, working closely with SCR to make this vision a reality and to implement the region’s Transport Strategy. Its three overarching goals are:

  • Residents and businesses connected to economic opportunity
  • A cleaner, greener Sheffield City Region
  • A safe, reliable and accessible transport network.

SYPTE’s priorities, as outlined in our Business Plan, are aligned to each of these strategic goals.