Transport Facts & Figures

Annual Public Transport Performance figures for South Yorkshire (April 2020 - March 2021).

BUS     Patronage                        29.9 million

            Punctuality                       88.5%

            Reliability                         99.8%

            Customer Satisfaction     --%

RAIL    Patronage                         1.8 million

            Punctuality                        --.-%

            Reliability                          --.-%

            Customer Satisfaction      --%

TRAM  Patronage                        2.8 million

            Punctuality                        99.0%

            Reliability                           99.4%

            Customer Satisfaction       --%

Comparative data for the last five years is available here

Patronage is the total number of passengers carried by the specified mode of transport.

Tram figures include Tram Train.

Punctuality relates to the proportion of scheduled journeys operating to time. This is defined as:

  • Bus departing within a window of 1 minute early to 5 minutes late 
  • Tram departing within a window of -15 seconds to plus 3 minutes 
  • Trains arriving at a destination within 4 minutes 59 seconds of planned arrival time

Reliability is the percentage of scheduled journeys that actually operate. For rail this relates to the Public Performance Measure (PPM) standard.

Customer satisfaction figures are obtained through an independent Annual Travel Survey, undertaken on behalf of SYPTE. Customer satisfaction surveys were not undertaken in 2020/21.

South Yorkshire Public Transport facts and figures

There were almost 35 million passenger journeys made in South Yorkshire by bus, tram or train in 2020/21.

87% of local journeys on Public transport in South Yorkshire in 2019/20 were taken on a bus, 8% on a tram (including the tram train) and 5% on a train.

Data from 2019/20

On average, every 28 days over 115,000 people travel on buses and trams using our Senior and Disabled concessionary passes.

On average, our Traveline team answer around 16,000 calls every month.

In 2019/20, over 18.3 million people were counted at our four main Interchanges (6.1 million at Meadowhall, 4.7 million at Barnsley, 4.1 million at Rotherham and 3.4 million at Sheffield).