Smart ticketing takes the next step in South Yorkshire


SMART ticketing continues to advance in South Yorkshire as more products are made available as smartcards in an effort to make travelling around the region even easier.

MegaTravel and 16-18 Student cards have been activated as smartcards, which means card holders can now scan their passes on Stagecoach buses and Supertram in Sheffield before paying the 70p concessionary fare. On all other buses and trains just show your pass to the driver or conductor as usual.

Anyone using a paper MegaTravel ticket, a Mega MiCard, or any product without an ITSO logo should just continue to show these to the driver or conductor as normal.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) and its project partners YorCard and TravelMaster continue to develop an integrated system for multi-operator smart ticketing products to ultimately be used on all modes of public transport across South Yorkshire.

The system will allow passengers to buy their multi-operator travel tickets on an electronic, credit-card sized card instead of using the scratch cards and paper tickets currently available.

Many buses have already been fitted with necessary equipment to process ‘smart’ transactions, and hand held devices are available to be used by tram conductors.

Multi-operator products will be made available as part of the TravelMaster ticketing range.

As part of a phased roll out of products, the project will continue to make additional ticketing products available as smartcards throughout 2014.

The ultimate goal is for customers to be able to load ticketing products onto their smartcards in various ways, including online, on mobile phones and via dedicated kiosks across South Yorkshire.

SYPTE Deputy Interim Director General, David Young, said: “SYPTE is committed to making travel on public transport easier and more convenient for customers. The introduction of smart ticketing will revolutionise the way in which passengers travel around South Yorkshire.

“By making MegaTravel and 16-18 Students cards available as smart tickets, we are continuing to carry out our promise to expand the range of tickets that are smart enabled, with more planned for 2014.”

A dedicated website has been developed to provide updates on the project. For more information visit

To learn more about TravelMaster products visit or call in to an Information Centre and speak to a Travel Advisor.

The scheme to introduce smartcards in South Yorkshire is funded by the £1.34m secured as part of the Better Bus Area Fund (BBAF) - a grant awarded to SYPTE in March 2012 by the Department for Transport.