Survey shows 97% of Supertram customers are satisfied with service


•Sheffield tram network records largest increase in overall journey satisfaction across the industry
•More than eight out of 10 Supertram passengers satisfied with value for money
•More than nine out of 10 Supertram passengers satisfied with the time their journey took

Independent research has revealed that 97% of Supertram passengers are satisfied with their tram services.

The results of the annual Tram Passenger Survey by passenger watchdog Transport Focus showed that overall satisfaction among tram passengers in Sheffield had risen more than any other tram network in the UK over the past year.

97% of Supertram customers asked said they were either very or fairly satisfied with the service overall, compared to92% last year.

Supertram’s overall passenger satisfaction score is above the average score of 92% for the six UK light rail networks covered in the survey.

The results also showed that:
•83% of Supertram passengers were very or fairly satisfied with value for money, significantly ahead of the industry average of 69%
•85% were satisfied with punctuality
•93% were satisfied with on-tram journey time compared to the industry average of 87%
•95% of passengers were satisfied with their personal security onboard compared to an industry average of 86%

Supertram continues to offer good value integrated, smart ticketing which allows customers unlimited use of both Stagecoach buses and trams in Sheffield.

Supertram Managing Director Margaret Kay said: “People in South Yorkshire benefit from a fantastic public transport network and this latest survey shows that Supertram is continuing to lead the way. We are delighted that we have seen the largest increase in overall journey satisfaction of all tram operators, however we are not complacent. We want to continue improving and will work hard, alongside the SYPTE to further improve the services we offer to our passengers.

“We’re focused on offering great value, integrated travel so people can make the most of the strong public transport network in the city.

“Our employees strive every day to deliver high-quality services to the people of Sheffield to help them access employment, education, health and leisure facilities and we look forward to attracting even more people on to our greener, smarter tram services in the future.”

SYPTE Executive Director, Stephen Edwards, added: “Sheffield’s tram network has become synonymous with the city and is a much loved asset for those that live, work and travel here. Transport Focus’ survey results are testament to this, and to the high standards customers can expect from the service. We’re delighted Supertram’s sterling record has been nationally recognised, and we will continue to work in partnership to build on our offer and better passenger experience.”

Over 5,700 tram passengers in Blackpool, Greater Manchester, the West Midlands, Nottingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh were surveyed by Transport Focus. A copy of the results can be found here: