Naylor Industries in Barnsley gives staff a bicycle boost ready for Cycle September


Naylor Industries, a leading Barnsley-based manufacturer of construction products, will get in the saddle this September for a national competition to see which business can get the most staff on their bikes.

They will join over 90 companies and 800 individuals taking part in the friendly, prize winning ‘Cycle September’ scheme, which aims to encourage employees to cycle more miles.

Already recognising the benefits of an active workforce, Naylor Industries is geared up for the task, having recently built state-of-the-art cycling facilities at three of their six sites as part of their efforts to support employees to cycle.

Working with South Yorkshire’s sustainable travel partnership, Inmotion!, Naylor applied for funding from Barnsley Council’s Cycle Grant Scheme to support a £12,000 installation of new bike shelters and tool stations at their Barugh Green, Wombwell and Cawthorne sites, together employing over 300 of Naylor’s 450 staff.

Naylor Chief Executive, Edward Naylor, said: “It’s great that we can offer these high quality facilities. We're really keen to make commuting by bike as easy and desirable as possible and are hoping to expand them in the future to include self-cleaning showers.

“Making the first step to actually getting on a bike - probably for the first time in a long time - is one of the biggest hurdles and Cycle September is a great way for the organisation to encourage more staff to try cycling. Along with our new facilities I hope we will get many more workers leaving their cars at home in favour of cycling.”

Sustainable Travel Officer at Barnsley Council, Suzy Smith said: “Inmotion! highlighted the need for better cycling facilities at Naylor's business sites in Barnsley, and based on the grant application, we were able to offer a significant chunk of funding to help them install shelters and tools for cyclists to encourage more active travel and improve their employees’ health and wellbeing.”

Naylor employee, Michael Leasley, added: “I’ve been cycling to work since I got an electric bike through the Cycle to Work scheme. I cycle whatever the weather, rain or snow and even outside of work. It’s great having these new tool stations, they are really useful for tuning up your bike. So I’m looking forward to a bit of friendly cycling competition with other companies next month.”

Cycle September is organised by ‘Love to Ride’, a behaviour change programme that specialises in getting more people cycling more often.

For more information about Cycle September and to register take part, visit: