Travel by bus in Catch the Bus week


South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) encourages commuters to try public transport and experience the benefits it can bring.

There are over 8,000 bus stops around South Yorkshire connecting businesses and residential areas - a bus stop for approximately every 70 homes - and almost all of them are within 400 metres walk from people’s front door. Catch the Bus Week is aimed at getting more people to get on a bus. With several options of tickets and discounts for students and young people, South Yorkshire buses still offer some of the cheapest fares in the country.

“Catch the Bus Week, from Monday 2 July to Sunday 8 July, is a great time to try out the regional services”, said South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) Director of Customer Services, Tim Taylor.

“Buses make 74,000 trips, covering 65,000 miles around South Yorkshire every week, and are within easy access to most homes. A recent survey by Transport Focus showed that 87% of the respondents are satisfied with the services in the region but only 12% of residents in employment commuting within the Sheffield City Region borders do so by using public transport. So, we know many more people could be benefiting by catching the bus.”

“SYPTE is committed to improving access to employment and training opportunities in the region, and bus services are an important part of this. According to campaign group Greener Journeys, 400 thousand employees are either in work or in better, more productive jobs in the UK due to bus services.”

In South Yorkshire, some key employment centres such as Meadowhall, Parkgate in Rotherham, Lakeside in Doncaster, and the soon to be open St James’ Retail Park are well served by bus routes, giving people a real choice to leave the car at home.

Travelling by public transport is also a great way to get fitter while tackling air pollution. There’s strong evidence that commuting via public transport is associated with weight loss over a period of time. And as one double decker bus can potentially take 75 cars off the road, it can have a significant impact on the general traffic flow and emissions. By the end of next year, one third of the region’s combined bus fleet will have low emission engines.

To coincide with the beginning of Catch the Bus Week, Travel South Yorkshire interchanges are launching their free wi-fi service for up to 60 minutes from Monday 2 July.

Customers will be able to enjoy free online surfing by selecting ‘TSY free Wi-Fi’ on their smartphones and agreeing to the terms and conditions each time they visit an interchange. The service will continue to be available after the Catch the Bus Week.

Public transport keeps people connected to family, friends, education, health services, shops, town centres and employment – and now passengers will also be able to connect to the internet for free while waiting for their service.

“We’ll carry on working with operators to improve services and ensuring we offer the best experience for customers at our interchanges to encourage more people to shift to public transport. The services are reliable, technology is getting cleaner, catching a bus helps you to keep fit and it is a less stressful way of travelling, as you can use your journey time, on bus or at interchanges, to catch up with work, friends and family, or even just read the paper or a book”, concludes Tim.