Transport chiefs call to go car-free on festive Fridays


Join in with #CarFreeFriday and choose a different way to travel for work, shopping and nights out this December

A new initiative, launched today by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), encourages people to go car-free on Fridays over the holiday season. South Yorkshire is the first region in the UK to ask people to leave their cars at home at least once a week, making a little lifestyle change that will have a big impact.

Tim Taylor, Director of Customer Services at SYPTE, said:
“This is a great time of year to make a change to your travel habits. There are lots of good reasons to leave the car behind on Fridays all year round. But in December, when we’re often busy meeting up with friends and family, buying presents or celebrating after work, it makes sense to make travel choices that mean we don’t have to worry about parking or allocating a designated driver.

“By ditching the car you’re building exercise into your day just by walking to and from the bus or tram stop. You’ll also contribute to easing traffic jams, which are normally heavier on Fridays, improving air quality and lowering emissions.

“We hope once people have tried #CarFreeFriday and seen for themselves the benefits of travelling on public transport or trying active travel at least once a week they will carry on this routine into the New Year. Leaving your car behind, even just for one day a week, can benefit your mental health, your physical health, your wallet and our environment. This is the message we really want to drive home to the public”.

Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region, said: “We’re encouraging drivers to make a small change and leave their car at home on Fridays in December. Even little changes can have a big impact on people’s health, congestion on our road network, and air quality.”

One full double decker bus can take up to 75 cars off the road. One in every six buses operating in South Yorkshire are low emission vehicles, and soon it will be one in three. According to the sustainable transport group Greener Journeys, if we all switched from car to bus just one journey a month, it would mean 1 billion fewer car journeys on our roads, saving 2 million tonnes of CO2 every year.

More information on the benefits of active travel and how to get involved can be found at