It's a girl! Baby delivered by bus station staff


BUS STATION staff had an unscheduled arrival when a mum-to-be unexpectedly had her baby.

The little girl was delivered in the staff kitchen while an ambulance arrived.

Shocked mum, Katie Couldwell, was getting a bus from the Arundel Gate Interchange in Sheffield when she went into labour.

She said: “I felt the baby coming and I knew I needed to get an ambulance. The staff called one and we went into the back room. I wasn't scared as I have had other children. But within seconds of my waters breaking, Destinie followed.”

Ambulance phone operators talked Customer Service Advisor, Rebecca Hall, through delivering the baby with dad, Gavin.

Rebecca, said: “The arrivals we usually deal with aren’t as dramatic as Katie’s, but my day to day job is to help customers, so that’s all I did. I’ve never had to deliver a baby but we’ve all had first aid training and that must have kicked in as I just got on with it. I laid down coats and towels, made sure she was safe, and followed the instructions in the best way I could. I’m so glad they’re all OK and I’m happy I was able to help.”  

When paramedics arrived, mum, dad and baby were taken to the Hallamshire Hospital for further treatment.

Katie returned to the bus station to thank those that helped her. “I’m so grateful to Rebecca for everything she did for me on that day. It must have been Destinie’s destiny to come into the world that way!”, she said.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) manage Arundel Gate Interchange and offered Katie a free travel pass and flowers to congratulate her.

SYPTE Director of Customer Services, Tim Taylor, added: “We’re delighted for Katie, Gavin and their family on the birth of baby, Destinie - and believe it’s the first birth to take place in one of our bus stations. We’re also very proud of Rebecca for handling the situation in the most professional, brave and calm manner, and can’t commend her enough.”