Travel trial offer encourages commuters to ditch the car


‘Ditch the car and travel for free on us’ - Travel South Yorkshire (TSY) launches 28-day free trial to persuade people travelling to work in the region to try public transport.  

In a bid to get people to switch from their cars to public transport TSY is giving commuters the chance to try buses, trams and trains in the region for free.  Workers who currently commute by car can apply for a free 28-day travel pass valid on all public transport in South Yorkshire. The offer also includes use of a number of Park & Ride sites across the Region.

“As the traffic gets more intense in the weeks before Christmas and more people are socialising straight from work, we’re encouraging commuters to ditch the car and travel for free on us. By taking part in our public transport trial, you can save money, get some physical activity in to your day and help to ease congestion by taking a car off the road. And, on top of that, you’re contributing towards better air quality”, says Richard Pilgrim, from Travel South Yorkshire’s Sustainable Travel team.

“Since April this year we’ve already provided 350 free travel passes for people working in different companies who wanted to change their commute to a more sustainable and active option. You don’t need to be the driver, but if you’re in a car, we’d like you to try something else instead. We’re here to help people make a little change that can have a big impact on their lives and the environment. Around 80% of participants that take part in our post-trial surveys say that they will carry on travelling to work on public transport after the trial period and a similar number would recommend using public transport to others.”

“The travel passes are valid between Monday 25 November and Sunday 22 December and can be used for an unlimited number of journeys during this period, so participants don’t have to restrict themselves to commuting. When we hand over the tickets, we will also offer advice on the best public transport options available and where to find the information you need to make the most out of your trial”, says Richard.

Commuters can apply to take part at Travel South Yorkshire’s stall (stall 67) at the Showcase Sheffield: B2B exhibition 2019, on Wednesday 23 October at Ponds Forge from 9.30am-4.30pm. The scheme is open to all workers between 18 and 64 years old, that have not taken part in a similar trial before. Those applying will need to answer a short survey to demonstrate their eligibility. The event is free to attend, but if you cannot make it, you’ll still be able to apply online until Friday 8 November at