Child bus fares to rise on Sunday


Child Concessionary bus fares in South Yorkshire are to rise from 50p to 60p from this Sunday 1 April.

The rise is necessary to protect services following a cut in transport budgets. A further 10p rise is due to come into effect in April 2013.

Child concessionary fares in South Yorkshire are the lowest in the metropolitan areas of England outside of London and even after the rise are likely to remain the lowest as others review their own fares.

Last year’s rise from 40p to 50p was the first rise in child concessionary fares since October 2003. During that time child patronage on buses in South Yorkshire rose from about 17 million passengers per year to around 18.5 million per year – a nine per cent increase.

If the child fare had gone up in line with inflation over the past eight years it would already be 60p.

Mick Jameson, chair of South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority, said: “We are all under pressure to find savings as a result of the national financial situation and so reluctantly we have to bring in this fare change.

“We are keen to remind people that it will be 60p from Sunday – so that children will have the right money in their pocket when they get on the bus.”