A new deal for Sheffield bus passengers


People in Sheffield are to be asked their opinion on a new city-wide bus partnership scheme. The new service, introduced by the Sheffield Bus Partnership, aims to make bus travel easier, more affordable, convenient, economical, and more reliable than ever before.


The Sheffield Bus Partnership is a unique agreement between First South Yorkshire, Stagecoach Yorkshire, TM Travel, Sheffield Community Transport, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), and Sheffield City Council. It will see all parties working together to make sure the new proposal for bus travel works best for customers.


South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority meeting will discuss a recommendation to approve consultation on the new scheme. This includes the introduction of co-ordinated timetables, meaning that people will have to wait less time for their bus, the option of buying cheaper multi-operator bus tickets, and the likelihood of tram travel being included. Changes to the network will also happen less frequently than before.


The partners believe that by working together they will be able to help grow the number of people using buses by making the network simpler, more flexible and more convenient.


From 18 June to 14 July the partnership will be asking people what they think about the network proposals, which have been designed to best fit people's needs. Members of the public can give their feedback using the dedicated website sheffieldbuspartnership.co.uk or can pick up a form from Travel Information Centres in Sheffield.


In addition to timetabling and network improvements over the next year people in Sheffield will be able to look forward to:


  • smart tickets, which means easier payment methods and removing the need to pay cash to the driver
  • more convenient ticketing offers offering more flexibility with a choice of tickets
  • newer greener, low floor buses


Councillor Leigh Bramall, Sheffield City Council Cabinet Member for Transport, said: "We support this proposal, as a means of securing a more convenient bus service for most people in the city. Making public transport a more attractive option for getting around the city could impact on the number of journeys by car, helping to ease traffic congestion and so having a better bus service is in everyone's interest. Inevitably, any changes to bus services will affect people in different ways. We believe this proposal is beneficial for the majority but it's important people take part in the consultation to give their views and help shape the final offer."


David Young, SYPTE's Director of Customer Experience, said: "We think that this package we have come up with will make big difference to the quality of the bus network in Sheffield. By all working together the partners believe we can make travelling by bus a more convenient option for people throughout Sheffield."


Dave Alexander, Regional Managing Director for First in North England, said: "First is delighted to work in partnership with SYPTE, Sheffield City Council and other bus operators to develop this innovative way of running buses. This will benefit our customers and the communities of Sheffield for many years to come and help to stimulate growth in the bus market."


Paul Lynch, Managing Director, Stagecoach Yorkshire, said: "The Sheffield Bus Partnership is about working together for the benefit of passengers across the city. It will provide customers with a more coordinated and cost-effective bus network as well as a bigger range of routes and tickets. Working together will also offer more travel flexibility for passengers, which can only help further grow the number of people using public transport in Sheffield."