Sheffield Bus Partnership: Residents win new bus service


South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), working with its partners in the proposed Sheffield Bus Partnership, is pleased to announce that it is to invite tenders for a new bus service along the route of the 4 service in Sheffield.


Proposed network changes for later this year had suggested that the number 4 service, currently operated by First, between Millhouses and Darnall, be withdrawn. But the proposal met with criticism from some residents on Psalter Lane and Cemetery Road, who feared this would leave them without a service.


Following consultation it is now being proposed that an hourly tendered bus service is introduced that serves Psalter Lane and Cemetery Road. The new service will take over from the current #4 service if and when the partnership goes live.


The Sheffield Bus Partnership is a unique agreement which features SYPTE, First, Stagecoach, TM Travel, Sheffield Community Transport, and Sheffield City Council. If approved by councillors, the partnership will launch a new bus network in late October 2012. It includes the introduction of co-ordinated timetables, meaning that many people will have to wait less time for their bus, the option of buying cheaper multi-operator bus tickets, and the likelihood of tram travel being included. Changes to the network will also happen less frequently than before.


The partners believe that by working together they will be able to help grow the number of people using buses by making the network simpler, more flexible and more convenient.


David Young, SYPTE Director of Customer Experience, said: "We are pleased to say that having listened to the community, particularly on Psalter Lane, we will be seeking prices to run a bus service along this road to meet the needs of local residents.


"Subject to prices being affordable, we hope that when this service is provided that local people will not only welcome the decision but will make more use of the service and encourage their friends and neighbours to use it also."