Scooter permit scheme extended to trams


From Monday 1 October the Scooter Permit scheme in South Yorkshire will be extended to include Stagecoach Supertram.

The Scooter Permit scheme was introduced earlier this year to help make it clear which models of mobility scooter were acceptable to bring on buses. There are many different types of mobility scooter and some are too big to bring onto buses or trams as they can cause an obstruction for other passengers.

In a bid to clarify this for passengers and bus drivers, and from 1 October tram conductors also, the Scooter Permit has been introduced. It follows recommendations from The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) as to which models are acceptable for carriage on bus and tram. The scooter user can have their scooter assessed by the bus or tram company and those using acceptable models are issued with a permit showing that the scooter can be brought onto the bus or tram.

Assessments are made and permits issued by First South Yorkshire, Stagecoach, and Arriva, but will be accepted by other bus companies also in South Yorkshire. They are not issued by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive. The assessment and permit are free of charge and will be for a five-year period.

Only scooters that meet the following requirements may be carried:

• Class 2 scooters with three or four wheels
• No more than 1000mm long
• No more than 600mm wide
• Turning radius not exceeding 1200mm
• Scooter plus occupant must not exceed 300kg (47 stone)

David Brown, SYPTE Director General, said: “We want as many people as possible to be able to travel on public transport safely and conveniently. So these permits will allow scooter owners to have the peace of mind that their scooter can be carried on buses and trams. It also means that other passengers are not inconvenienced by scooters which are not suitable.”

The scheme does not apply to passengers in manual or powered wheelchairs, who can still travel without a permit. Drivers and conductors will still be able to reserve the right to refuse a scooter user with a permit if there is not enough room on the bus or tram, if it is in poor working order or if it is overloaded with items.

To have your scooter assessed contact the following numbers:

• First 01709 566 000
• Stagecoach 0845 266 6606
• Arriva 0844 800 4411