Future of Supertram

Residents, visitors, community groups and businesses across the Sheffield City Region were encouraged to have their say on the future of Supertram through two major public consultations.

The first consultation, which took place in the autumn of 2016, sought comments and suggestions from residents, groups and businesses across Sheffield City Region (SCR) about the future of the existing Supertram system. It asked for public and stakeholder opinion on Supertram as a transport option, how the existing network could be developed or improved, the benefits it could bring and how it might fit with other transport in the next 30 years. 

The Future of Supertram summary report provides details of the findings.  

A  second public consultation on the Future of Supertram  ran from September to November 2018, seeking views on three options for the system:

  • Maintaining Supertram as it is through ongoing essential repairs.
  • Renewing and modernising Supertram’s tracks, vehicles and information systems.
  • Exploring alternative options to Supertram.

Read a report of results from the 2018 consultation on the Future of Supertram.


photo of two trams