Investing in Supertram’s future

Significant investment in Supertram is needed for South Yorkshire’s light rail network to continue to safely operate for years to come. That’s why we are developing a ‘mass transit’ business case which presents options for future investment in the current Supertram system.

To ensure we captured and represented the views of residents, communities, special interest groups, visitors and businesses across Sheffield City Region we held a public consultation on the following options:

  • Maintaining Supertram as it is through ongoing essential repairs
  • Renewing and modernising Supertram’s tracks, vehicles and information systems
  • Exploring alternative options to Supertram.

Nearly ninety-percent (88%) of those responding to our consultation on the future of Supertram would like to see the renewal and modernisation of Supertram’s tracks, vehicles and information systems.

Of the 2,888 responses received, 67% also supported maintaining Supertram as it is through ongoing essential repairs. 78% opposed exploring alternative transport options to Supertram, such as a dedicated bus system. Read a report of results from the Consultation on the Future of Supertram 

The results of this consultation will help us to recommend an option for the future of the Supertram system.  This will be presented in a business case that will be considered by the Mayoral Combined Authority and then submitted to the Department for Transport. Further consultation will be held during the next stage of project, when the business case is complete, and the outcome is known.




Investing in Supertram’s future