Meet Alistair

Alistair has been Contact Centre Manager at Traveline since 2017. He leads a team of 20 who take calls and respond to enquiries via email or social media to help our customers travelling on public transport all over South Yorkshire. Alistair says:

“Traveline receives 16,000 to 20,000 calls every month. People call us for help with journey planning or up-to-date information on service disruption, for example on snow days. We also process applications for travel passes, record positive comments and handle customer feedback.

“My role is all about driving improvements in how we deal with our customers, ensuring we give them the best possible experience. I set the tone and tempo of the contact centre operation and work with my team and colleagues across the organisation to make sure we provide an efficient and customer-focused service.”

Alistair first worked in a contact centre after graduating from university. He started out as a frontline customer service adviser for a major outsourcer, moving on to take up roles as a resource planner, team manager and operations manager. Alistair says:

“Working for SYPTE appealed to me because it was an opportunity to give something back. A job in the public sector means you can provide a positive contribution to society, rather than being driven by sales and profit. 

“I like the positive environmental impact of what we do at SYPTE. Making it easier for people to use public transport takes cars off the road which can only be a good thing. In my previous job I had a 2-hour round trip in the car every day. Now I am based in Sheffield city centre I can walk to work or catch the bus using my travel pass. I’m getting more exercise, have time to listen to music and wind down after work and I’m not stuck in traffic. It’s a real perk of the job.

“The people at SYPTE are great. I enjoy working in an organisation with a forward-thinking leadership team and enthusiastic colleagues. I have a lot of autonomy in this role, with scope to make decisions and shape the team to become even more customer-focused.”

“Another big benefit of working here is the flexi-time. I tend to come in early and leave late afternoon so I can get home in time to see my young family, and help with the dinner and bedtime routine – something I just couldn’t have done in my previous job. This kind of flexibility makes such a difference to our family life.”

Alistair Kerr, Contact Centre Manager