Meet Praveena

Project Manager Praveena says:

“Managing SYPTE projects has given me wide-ranging experience and knowledge of the UK public transport industry. When I first started working here I didn’t know anything about transport, but I’ve had the opportunity to learn all about how the industry works.

“I‘ve managed bus and rail projects, both large and small, highways schemes and the development of Park and Ride sites. I’ve loved learning on the job. My role as Project Manager is so varied it’s hard to describe a typical day. I might be visiting sites and liaising with consultants or bidding for funding for future projects, dealing with outstanding issues or writing board reports.  There’s a lot of juggling so you need to be organised and good at prioritising. I’m very career driven and always have been.  I like to solve problems and to be hands on.  I take real pride in what I do and don’t give up easily.

“My role involves delivering projects which includes consultation, with our stakeholders and with customers.  I’ve established good working relationships with partners during the time I’ve worked for SYPTE. Being involved in lots of different projects has built my confidence and after so many years here I feel my work speaks for itself. The environment I work in has changed a lot during the last two decades.  There are lots more women in this field now which is positive.”

As well as the different career opportunities Praveena has been given, the benefits available to SYPTE employees have contributed to her decision to stay with the organisation. She explains:

“The flexi time offered at SYPTE is great for parents.  You can have a genuine work/family life balance working here. I was able to work part-time when my children were young. Even as a full-time employee you have the flexibility needed to be able to go to school events or appointments while getting the job done.”  

“I live in Sheffield so it’s easy for me to get to work, either on public transport using my travel pass or on foot. I’m able to get to all my meetings and site visits by bus, tram or train too.  Our location in Sheffield city centre is ideal when you need to travel to places all over South Yorkshire.”