Meet Lucia

Over the last 12 years, Lucia has worked for SYPTE in several different roles across our auditing, data and IT teams. Her current role as an IT Web Developer involves building new widgets and applications, dealing with any website issues and working with teams across the organisation on developing a new and improved web presence for Travel South Yorkshire. Lucia says:  

“I was born in Slovakia, studied IT at university in the Czech Republic and then after graduation I came to the UK to learn a new language and have a six-month adventure.  But I loved Sheffield so much that I never left!’

For her first three years in the UK, Lucia worked as a conductor on Supertram:

“While working on trams, I got to know some of SYPTE’s auditing team and they encouraged me to apply for a job with them as a Public Transport Auditor. It was the job rather than the organisation that appealed to me at first.  This role involved working on buses, trams and trains gathering data and insight into how passengers used South Yorkshire’s public transport system. I liked getting out and about, talking to people every day.”

After ten years in the auditing team, Lucia applied for a new role as a Data Collection Assistant, covering a colleague’s maternity leave.  She explains:

“Though I had an IT degree and was still interested in new technologies I didn’t have any confidence about working in an IT role here in the UK.  At first, I worried that my English wouldn’t be good enough and then as time passed I felt like everything had moved on too much for me to get back into it.  

“This all changed when I was asked to get involved in a cross-team project to improve the information SYPTE provides to customers, by understanding more about how people were using I volunteered to research online analytics tools, exploring options, doing lots of reading and learning as much as I could. This led to me being given the opportunity to implement the new tool which involved some coding.

“Not only did I have the support of my line manager to refresh and develop my IT skills on a project that was not strictly part of my role, I was also encouraged by my colleagues in the IT team.  When my confidence was low, I was so lucky to have people around me who saw I had potential.”

After being promoted within the data team, a secondment opportunity came up in our IT team working as an IT Web Developer. Lucia says:

“It’s been amazing to get back into an IT role.  I’m still very positive about new technologies and I love having the opportunity to keep learning and try new things.  It’s great working for SYPTE.  The city centre location is fantastic and the travel pass makes it so easy to get around, particularly as I don’t drive and rely on public transport. But for me the best thing about working here is the people.  I have had extremely supportive colleagues in every team I’ve worked in and have met lots of brilliant people who’ve encouraged me to take opportunities and develop my skills and confidence.”