Meet Muhammad

Muhammad has been a Customer Services Manager at SYPTE's Barnsley Interchange since May 2019. 

Before joining SYPTE, Muhammad worked for five years as a Team Leader for Noonan working across several different transport interchanges in South Yorkshire.  He says:

“I applied for the role at SYPTE as it was an opportunity for a promotion, while working alongside colleagues I already knew well.  The team here at Barnsley Interchange are great; they’re supportive and will just jump in and help whenever you need it. As a Customer Services Manager you are expected to work hard but having a good team around me means it’s less stressful than other jobs I’ve had.”

After graduating from university, Muhammad began his career with Tesco’s management training programme. Having gained lots of customer-facing experience there, he then worked for companies running events and exhibitions and promoting cruises. He explains:

“Each of these jobs allowed me to develop varied experience of dealing with people from all walks of life.   When you work with customers, every day is different, you never quite know what you are going to face.”

In 2011, Muhammad moved to South Yorkshire with his son to be closer to their extended family.  Finding work in Barnsley initially proved difficult as employers told him he was over-qualified for the roles he was applying for.   However, a chance conversation with one of the team at Barnsley Interchange while buying a bus ticket led to Muhammad applying for the job with Noonan and he’s not looked back since!

“My job is primarily about dealing with customer queries and complaints.  The health and safety of our customers is paramount, so we work closely with partners like the police and the council to make sure the interchange is safe and secure for everyone.  I also oversee the Noonan contract which involves ensuring the facilities are kept clean and in good condition and that customers get the right advice and information.       

“Every day is different.  You need to be able to learn on your feet and to adapt.  It’s been a steep learning curve but dealing with new challenges every day builds your confidence. Working in customer services, you need a lot of patience and the ability to listen to people and then find them an answer, always with a smile on your face.  Knowing I’ve helped someone out gives me a lot of job satisfaction.”

“The best thing about working for SYPTE is the people.  Everyone is welcoming and warm. We work hard here but we also have fun.  You definitely need to be able to make a good brew!

“The other big advantage of this job is the free travel and the fact I can get to work from home in a 20-minute bus journey.  In London I regularly commuted for an hour and a half each way, so this has made a real difference to my quality of life and my family.”