Meet Kobi - IT Student Placement

Kobi was studying cyber-security at Sheffield Hallam University when he saw our one-year IT student placement on the Sheffield Hallam Unihub in 2019. He’s always enjoyed working with people and technology and likes seeing how computers work. Kobi explains: 

“I’ve always been interested in learning more about how the equipment inside computers works and enjoy taking them  apart and installing different things to see how everything operates together.  I knew that this was something I enjoyed and thought IT would make a good career for me.

“I was researching my dream job to see the sorts of requirements I’d need for it when I saw the SYTPE placement advertised, and I thought it fulfilled everything I would need.”

Being from South Yorkshire, Kobi was used to commuting across the county to get to university. While travelling, he was curious about how SYPTE used technology to support its work and deliver services to customers.

We asked Kobi what else attracted him to the placement and he told us “I wanted to work with corporate and internal systems, as well as deal with customer systems. I was curious about how technology was used to support customers, for example how ticket machines worked, so I thought this placement would be an interesting way to learn more about delivering services to directly to customers as well as getting an all-round experience of working in IT.

“The work I do is really varied which is great as I get to work on lots of different things. During a typical week, I can be providing support to solve problems with software and security, installing hardware and carrying out physical maintenance, dealing with Windows updates as well as working with customer facing technology, like ticket machines. I also provide support for staff at our interchanges.

“I enjoy working at SYPTE because I find the transport operations and systems interesting and have enjoyed learning about that.  Working in the SYPTE IT department has been an invaluable experience for me, both for my course and future career.”