4011 - (Tender) Supply of Rail for Supertram Rail Replacement Contract 2 - Additional Rail

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive is seeking to appoint a suitably experienced provider of the above Services.


Rail replacement works are currently being carried out on the Supertram tram network as part of a 3-year programme. The final phase will commence in May 2020 and due to the identification of additional sites, further rails are required.


The requirement is for the provision of the maximum number of 55G2 grooved rails as specified, for the available budget of £185,000.


Suitably qualified persons wishing to tender for this Contract can obtain a Specification, Invitation to Tender Instructions Sheet and Draft Contract by clicking on the Apply button below.


Email:  tendering@sypte.co.uk

The deadline for the return of tenders is 12.00 noon on 21st February 2020. The Instruction Sheet sets out the process for submission of documentation.

Please be advised that the Executive is a public body for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.